The department has a total of four members:
1.    Ms Lllian Aloo (H.O.D)
2.    Mr.Ongulu Evans
3.    Mr.Ounza Gilbert
4.    Mr. Akumu Philip John
The subjects offered include
I.    English
II.    Kiswahili
The department has a policy in which Kiswahili is spoken on Mondays and Wednesday and Engish is spoken on Tuesdays Thursdays and Friday.



The club consists of the following members:
1.    Mr. okito kennedy head of department
2.    Mr.Nashon Ang’wech
3.    Ms.Lillian Aloo
The department offers the following sporting activities:
I.    Football boys and girls
II.    Volleyball boys and girls
III.    Netball girls
IV.    Athletics
The department plans to introduce handball as from the year 2012. Netball was introduced in the year 2011 and represented the school at the divisional level. The football girls managed to proceed to the district level


teaching staff

SCHOOL’S TEACHERS1.    Mr. Achila Goerge  principal2.    Mrs. Otieno Paulyne deputy principal3.   …

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principal’s message


A message from the school principal I take this humble opportunity to thank the Almighty God for this far He has brought Ongalo Secondary …

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